What is RideWise?

RideWise Inc. is an independent non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting and advocating for transportation choices that are efficient, safe, and sustainable.

RideWise engages with large and small employers, local government, state agencies, school districts, and other non-profits to advocate for travel options that are good for business, good for the environment, and good for communities. RideWise achieves this through programming that focuses on pedestrian safety, public transit, biking and ridesharing.

Somerset County Transportation Guide

Are you looking for transportation in Somerset County? RideWise has created an online guide to help you find transportation options that meet your travel needs.

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Ride. Better. Together.

If you work or go to school in Somerset County, RideWise can help you find a carpool for your commute. You can start your search for a carpool partner by going to NJRideshare.com.

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